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Dual Shut-Off Valves EQG3-5001-WHA

Product Type
Dual Shut-Off Valve with Integral Water Hammer Arrester
1/2 QUICK-GRIP X 3/8 OD Comp X 3/8 OD Comp X Water Hammer Arrester
Lead-Free Brass


2 Straight
Chrome Plated
Plated Handle


Inlet Pipe Type
Copper, PEX, CPVC
Inlet Size


Outlet Pipe Type
Outlet Size
3/8 OD


Branch Pipe Type
Branch Size
3/8 OD

Packaging Details

Box / Case
6 / 36


Unit Weight (lbs.)

Instructions for EQG3-5001-WHA

Turn off water supply. Install product. Turn on water supply, check for leaks. assumes no responsibility for failure due to improper installation. Abide by local plumbing codes. Do not expose to corrosive agents.

QUICK-GRIP™ For 1/2" Copper, PEX or CPVC pipe, in accessible locations only. NOT for Kitec® , PEX-AL-PEX, Poly-B, plated pipe. Cut pipe & de-burr. Mark pipe 1-1/8" (2.9 cm) from end. (PEX only: Install pipe insert). QUICK-GRIP™ must be free of debris. Push valve onto pipe to the mark. Pull to test joint. Removal: Remove Locking Clip, depress end of QUICK-GRIP™, pull valve off.

COMPRESSION ON COPPER PIPE: Do not use pipe dope or PTFE tape. Pipe must be clean, de-burred, round, & cut square. Slide nut, then ring, then valve onto pipe. Tighten firmly with small wrench. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. Compression on plastic tube: Follow tube manufacturer's instructions; Special ring, nut, or insert may be required.

FEMALE COMPRESSION: Do not use pipe dope or PTFE tape. Tighten firmly with small wrench. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.

Position arrester at any angle.

Features and Benefits

Stops banging pipes!

With integral AA water hammer arrester.

The most versatile dual shut-off valves are designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada with American materials.

Valves swivel to any orientation for ideal position of handle or outlet.

Whether it's for residential or commercial applications, look to for your solution.

Hundreds of models available.

Every valve is tested before leaving our factory.